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Just what information does provide veterans for Chapter 31 Voc Rehab?

In reading through this survey, take note between the information Vocational Rehabilitation supplies you with on the Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation home page ( ) compared to

Does the website give an answer to this question, "What is the actual training goal for veterans that Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation must provide?" *

Does the VA's website tell you what laws, regulations, and rules the Vocational Rehabilitation program must follow? *

Does the website tell you specific kinds of training can I receive? (ie welder, gunsmith, mechanic, lawyer, doctor, manager)? *

Does their information on the website include case studies of what other veterans have accomplished through the program? *

Does their information on the website tell you what to do you do if you are denied the benefit? *

Would you prefer getting answers to the above question about Vocational Rehabilitation prior to your first appointment with Voc Rehab? *

If you answered "Yes" on question #6, how would you prefer to get that information? *

Checkout these other Veteran Organizations to see if they provide answers to the above questions, either.

Do these websites provide answers to the above questions, 1 through 5? *

What online resource do you think has the most information about Voc Rehab? *

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